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Prescribing Pharmacists

Our team of professional pharmacists can help asses you and write your prescriptions within our scope of practice or guide you to the proper doctor. Visit our team for help.


Diagnostic Kit


  • Strep A throat swabbing
  • COVID-19 antigen testing
  • COVID-19 antibody testing
  • Urinary tract infection testing
  • Pregnancy test
  • myDNA kits



  • Seasonal flu vaccination
  • COVID-19 vaccination
  • Shingles vaccinations
  • Pneumonia vaccinations
  • Traveling assesment and vaccination
  • Pregnancy vaccination

Compounding Pharmacy

We can design and prepare your personalized medicine on site.

  • Pain Management creams
    • Back pain creams
    • Knee pain creams
    • Tennis elbow pain creams
    • gun finger pain creams
  • Dental mouth washes
  • Other non sterile preparations

New Products

New over the counter products are constantly coming to market. Come and see our team to see what products would work well for you.


Clinical Services

  • Initiate and manage care plans
  • Initiate and follow up on patient lab requisitions
  • Renew your prescriptions when needed
  • Prescribe medication when needed
  • Administer injections within our scope of practice
  • Blood pressure and blood glucose levels monitoring

Pharmacogenetic Services

Pharmacogenetic Services include:

  • My DNA testing kits
  • Pre & Post testing consultations
  • Consultations with physicians and other health care providers with patients approval

Blister Packaging & Senior Home Services

We can help provide blister packaging with no extra fees required.

Contact us for more information.


Healthcare Providers

In addtition to providing counselling and patient education. All of our pharmacists have the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate and with your other healthcare providers, doctors, nurses, etc, to ensure that you are provided with the best healthcare services.


Remote Consultations

Schedule your appointment virtually, with your personalized pharmacists.

Doctor & Customer Approved

Trusted By Customers

"Friendly pharmacist. Efficient service."

Yvonne Soucy

"Our family has been using the pharmacy since it opened, Dalia and her team always provide excellent, friendly, professional service. They go above and beyond every time to ensure all our service needs are met to the highest standards."

Steven McQueen

"I went to 3 pharmacy’s prior to ending up here. I needed a compounded cream that the other pharmacies didn’t make. I am so happy I ended up here! From first step in the door to last step out they were very helpful. They were very welcoming and the pharmacist was very knowledgeable and fast! I was told a 20 min wait and it felt like I blinked my eyes and she told me it was ready. You can tell they care for their customers. I Will be returning, & once my other prescriptions are used at my other pharmacy I will be filling all new orders with ABEX. Highly recommend!"

Olivia Glover

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